Q: How do I know which product will work for my skin or hair?

A: We suggest understanding your skin type, problems and what you want to improve. We have a directory of the ingredients we use in each product. Check our directory and see which products sound best for your skin.


Q: Will organic or natural products be bad for my skin?

A: All organic and/or natural products have different side effects when used. Most are safe to use but be cautious of any product that may contain anything that you may have an allergy to. Also, because organic products are more potent you may experience "break out detox" where your skin will have to get used to using all natural ingredients. This is normal. To be cautious we suggest you do research on the ingredients in the product and/or consult with a doctor prior use. Click here to view a brief summary of our ingredients.


Q: How long will shipping take?

A: Shipping varies on the quantity ordered. The standard time for shipping is 5-7 business days. If you have an order for a product that states "Made to order" production time will be 2 days and then 5-7 days to arrive via USPS.


Q: Can I use these products on children?

A: We suggest you do research on the ingredients prior to using on children's skin especially babies. Newborns are more sensitive to certain essential oils.


Q: Why is my soap changing colors?

A: Some soaps contain ingredients that are raw so discoloration is normal over time. The product is still good for usage.


Q: I purchased my soap but I don't like the smell, can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for soap unless specially approved by the owner.


Q: Will these products cure my skin condition?

A: We can't legally claim that our products will cure your conditions but we use ingredients that promote and help with certain issues.


Q: Can I buy wholesale?

A: Yes we accept wholesale orders. Please contact info@shanjorco.com


Q: My soap doesn't lather as desired... what next?

A: Though we strive to produce the best lather process, we know that each batch is unique. Lather doesn't ensure that you are getting anymore clean but we know you love the visual effect. :) If this is a concern, email us at info@shanjorco.com with your complaint and we will accompany you with what we can offer.


If you have any more questions, please email us at info@shanjor.com

Thank you!