Sea Moss Gel

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ShanJor Co.

Looking for handcrafted luxurious organic skin products? ShanJor Co. has the perfect collection of body and hair products for you. We've conducted extensive research on each ingredient to make sure we're providing the highest quality with the best performance. We take pride in NO GMOS, NO PARABENS, No Animal Testing and a selection of VEGAN and DETERGENT FREE products. 


I tried the Cucumber Melon soap and I really love how it smells! You smelt it before opening the envelope (a plus for me, personally). I like how when I used the soap, it left me feeling really clean and refreshed. It didn't have leave me feeling dry like most bar soaps do after leaving the shower. I give it 👍👍!!

Maya L.

I Wanted To Use The Product For A Couple Of Weeks Before I Gave Correct Feedback This Soap That Shan Jor Made Me Is Awesome It My Skin Feels So Much Better It's Not As Dry As It Was Before I Started Using It I Had A Sample Of The Coconut Soap And It Really Has Been A Difference In My Skin 💗

Porsha S.

As a guy I've never taken the type of soap I use into any consideration but once I tried Shan Jor & Co. I could tell the difference immediately.The natural ingredients really made my skin feel smooth. The more I used the more I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin and overall healthy look of it. Shan Jor & Co made me a believer.

Demorris M.